Short Short Story

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February 18, 2017 by Moony

I watch and play Skyrim entirely too much, so I felt like mixing some Skyrim Magic in with my story.

Ice. I froze as I waited for Mikel to meet me by the temple and begin lessons. Why he had decided to meet so late at night for lessons I have no idea. My hood did little to shield me from the snow whipping past and sticking, regardless of the enchantments that were working overtime to keep me from freezing to death. I shifted my eyes towards the figure moving towards me and pushed off.

“3 in the morning is not my ideal time to practice.” I could hear the playfulness in my voice.

He raised his hands and threw a spell right at me, which I was able to dodge.


He threw another. I blocked it.

Mikel spoke, but it didn’t sound like him.

And when his face rose, it didn’t look like him.


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