How the Mighty began


March 24, 2017 by Moony

As a little “Throwback Thursday” to how far I’ve gotten, here’s a little snippet of something I wrote back in my angsty secondary school days…


(Hot, steamy forest, that looks as if it’s deserted)

[two kids hiking; a girly-girl and military boy]

Sam: Kyle, we’ve been looking forever! We’ll never find our parents!

Kyle: Not with that attitude.

Sam: FINE.

[Two hours later]

Sam: It’s getting dark. We should find shelter, my perm is ruined!

Kyle: Hey, there’s a shack! I hope it has carpeting!

Sam: I hope it has food!

[They run to the shack]


Sam: Where’s the key? Kyle, we’re going to starve! Oh, what a world! [faints]

Kyle: Whatever.

[Kyle opens the door]



And that, friends, is a little taste of how I have come to be so incredibly gifted at writing dialogue now.


One thought on “How the Mighty began

  1. John says:

    LOL “Oh what a world” *faints
    Hahaha that’s the best. My old stuff is basically exactly like that too


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