Late Night Bed Covers


September 2, 2017 by Moony

Inspired by my stupid week and my cat who has to pee on my bed at late hours of the night.

Drives to corporate America spent in cooling summer nights remind me that I can only swallow so much ash at a time.

Cotton mouthed and tired, worn beyond bone and spirit to a carnal rage, basic instinct of a 20 something woman who can”t handle her shit without pills and help she can’t make time to afford.

A long shuffling line wrapped with people in various states of not giving a fuck. Aching feet and my own numbed careless swaying leaves little to be remembered.

“How are you tonight?”

If I told you the truth would you be willing to hear it? If I wanted to speak, would it matter? Could my waterproof mattress protector do anything more than keep a bed dry for a night?


2 thoughts on “Late Night Bed Covers

  1. allison says:

    Sounds like you could use physical and mental change of scenery. Do you absolutely have to stay where you are? Not that travelling elsewhere is necessarily the answer. But doesn’t sound like you are too happy where you live and work now? Just asking.


    • Moony says:

      A lot of complications in my life at the moment. Visiting the east coast in a month to see how I like it and have a few things to plan. Job is rough but paying well for what it is.


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